Liberty Power is proud to be the endorsed supplier of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The GPHCC Affinity Program provides exclusive access for its members and friends to receive special discounted rates on Liberty Power’s competitive electricity prices for residents and business owners alike.

Whether its innovative approaches, cost-saving ideas or unique specified services, meeting our customer’s energy needs is our number one priority. We are Powerful Together and we can’t wait to welcome you to our family.

We are pleased to work with Liberty Power to educate our members about energy choice and their ability to better control their energy costs.

Varsovia Fernandez,
President & CEO

Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Choosing Your Retail Electricity Supplier

img-residential-power-family-bgWhat do you look for when shopping for a household item? You search to find the best product or service to meet your specific needs at the best value. Shopping for a retail electricity provider is no different. You may be able to save money or find a plan that offers more certainty or flexibility by switching electric providers. Just like other purchases, it’s important to do your research and arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible so you can make the best decision for your home or business.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Liberty Power is the largest independent retail electric supplier in the United States based on 2012 KEMA rankings of electric retailers. The company is also the first certified, minority-owned supplier with a national footprint, and the largest Hispanic-owned energy company in the United States according to Hispanic Business.

As a retail electricity supplier, Liberty Power purchases electricity on the wholesale market which it then sells to consumers on a retail level. We help large and small businesses, government agencies and residential customers address their energy challenges in the area of price and risk mitigation as well as sustainability. Liberty Power celebrated its 10-year anniversary on September 13, 2012, marking ten years of serving electricity and exceptional customer service.

Liberty Power is one of only five retail electricity providers licensed in 16 or more deregulated markets in the United States and operating in more than 50 utility territories. Liberty Power is currently serving customers in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Did You Know Liberty Power is…

  • Named Largest Hispanic-owned Energy Company in the United States by Hispanic Business
  • Named 8th Largest Hispanic-owned company in the U.S. overall by Hispanic Business
  • Now serving over 10M MWh of retail electricity (equivalent of serving more than 1 million homes)

We are Powerful Together!

For more information on Liberty Power, please visit www.libertypowercorp.com

Q: What is an electric supplier?
A: An electric supplier has many names, depending on the state. In Pennsylvania we are called an Electric Generation Supplier (EGS), in New Jersey a Third-Party Supplier (TPS), and in New York an Electric Services Company (ESCO). No matter the term used, a competitive or retail electric supplier is the company that provides your electric generation service – the actual electricity supply that powers your home or business. With electric choice, consumers can choose their electric supplier. The power is then delivered by the consumer’s electric distribution company

Q: Is there a cost to switch providers?
A: Penalties depends on the agreement you have with your current supplier. Review your current agreement to see if there are any early cancellation penalties. Call your current supplier if you are unsure, they should be able to answer any questions.

Q: What are the penalties for switching suppliers?
A: Penalties depends on the agreement you have with your current supplier. Review your current agreement to see if there are any early cancellation penalties. Call your current supplier if you are unsure, they should be able to answer any questions.

Q: How long will it take to switch to a new supplier?
A: The effective start date of your choice depends on your next meter read date. This can take anywhere between three to eight weeks.

Q: If I choose a new electric supplier, will I receive two electric bills?
A: In most cases, you should be able to receive one monthly bill from your electric utility. There are some suppliers who may want to bill you separately though. If this happens, you will receive two bills – one from your electric utility and one from your supplier.

Q: If I switch to a new electric supplier, what part of my service will change?
A: When you shop for an electric supplier, you are choosing the company that generates your electricity. Typically, when you select a new supplier, transmission costs will be included in the charges from your new supplier. The electric utility that distributes your electricity will remain the same.

Q: How do I know a different supplier will provide reliable service?
A: The quality and reliability of your electric service will not change if you choose a new electric supplier. Your current electric utility will continue to provide the same transmission and distribution service.

Q: How do I actually make the switch?
A: Making the switch is very simple. Once you’ve decided which provider is right for you, call them to sign up. Some may even offer enrollment on their website. They will send you terms and conditions and an enrollment agreement, which make up your new service contract. Review it carefully – and make sure you understand your “Right of Rescission” – the number of day’s you have to cancel your agreement without penalty.

Q: If I switch providers, will there be an interruption in my service?
A: Switching providers will in no way interrupt your electricity service. The only thing that changes is the company selling you power, not the company maintaining the poles and wires that deliver your electricity. The dependability of your service will not be affected by your choice of supplier. If a power outage does occur for some reason, your service will be restored just as before regardless of your supplier.

Q: Who should I call about outages and repairs?
A: Please call your electric utility about power outages and repairs.

Q: Who do I contact if I have billing questions?
A: If you have questions about the generation supply portion of your bill, contact your electric supplier. If you have questions about the delivery or distribution part of your bill, contact your local utility.

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